This mission is very unique, I have taught people from all over the world: China, Germany, Italy and Mexico. I would have to say that the highlights are taking young men with us to teach and teaching kids. The Lord trusts us to teach these young guys and inspire them to serve missions and to stay worthy. It’s a huge humbling experience when you have to train the next generation of missionaries.

A miracle happened this week, W. came into our office and asked to be baptized! I was really shocked!


He still has some doubts, but we are teaching him about faith. Naomi has to go back to China soon; however she knows  the gospel is true, and will be baptized there.

I was able to attend temple twice this week and can feel the difference. It’s amazing how the spirit guides and blesses people. It is a nice get away from the busy week.

The lord blessed me because I’ve been working hard to be obedient. I’ve realized in even greater sense the importance of having the spirit and keeping rules. I have found so much joy and understanding in the scriptures.


D. is being baptized this next Saturday. I’m so proud that he quit smoking, drinking and other things to be baptized.

T. called back also and wants to be taught the lessons I was worried she wasn’t ever going to go for it but the miracles God blesses us with never cease. How amazing of a privilege is it that god allows us to do this work.

My first baptism that I did was this last Saturday. His name is P. The feeling of that baptismal ordinance was so joyful, I love it so much and he is getting the priesthood so are taking him to the temple in April. I realize more than ever the simple miracles that the Lord puts in our lives.

I was reading hymnals the other day and specifically Nearer My God to TheeI would recommend reading verses 2 and 4 during any hard day as they really reach my heart.

I love you all hope everything is good,

Elder Harpole

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