Climbing the mountain

I need to be less prideful and selfish but I’m excited about that. So transfers went great Elder Gallo and I are still making havoc and at BYU. I love the mountains so much.

On P-day (preparation day) last week, we played some laser tag, today now we get to hike to the Y on the mountain above BYU.


We have a new investigator named V. from Moldova, Russia; it is cool to teach people from all over the world.

I am truly humbled at how great the hand of the Lord is, also how much mercy He has. I realized this conference how selfish and close minded I’ve been to the needs of others. My goal is to change and to serve with a humble heart and address others wants, needs and concerns before my own. I can be over bearing and that’s a sin. I don’t want the same as self-boasting in charity in 3rd Nephi– if you seek the glory of man you get your reward but if you seek quietly with a humble loving heart god will bless you openly.

Feeling the spirit is so essential to this work. Even the little things push the spirit away. It’s heavenly Father who allows us to do this work. Through him all things can and are done. So I’ve been focusing on relying on Him and it helps a ton. I’m so blessed to be a missionary I hope the next 2 years take their time. On another awesome note I’m taking over the area in 5 weeks. I’m pretty nervous but all is well I know the Lord will help.  I love you all that’s how my week has been hope to hear from you all soon and advice for investigators would be awesome. P1020063

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