Prayers and growing mission

This week has been so much better. I’m still a little sick but I’m working through it and the Lord is blessing me. I was pondering the aspect of prayer. I came to the realization that it’s easy to expect God to act upon us and treat us like a blessing receiving object, when we pray.  However this is not the case Often the Lord stretches our faith and will see if we are willing to act in His will and then He gives us what He knows we need instead of what we want.

I’ve started to apply this aspect in my prayers. I want to start praying as an agent for my Heavenly Father instead of an object to my Heavenly Father. I have seen great results from the Lord. I am recognizing who my Heavenly Father is and how best He can use me in his vineyard.  As I have understood my place I’ve gained feelings of comfort, belonging, direction and purpose, and understanding of who I am. This enables me to see individuals how God would have me see them.  To act in God’s kingdom I know I have to have a “What can I do?” attitude instead of “What do I want to happen?” attitude.

Prayers often are answered when I’m serving others more than myself. My desires are to strive to have more consecrated prayers to serve others so I can learn how to be a greater disciple, honorable priesthood holder, and missionary.

The area is still building and the people we are able to teach are so wonderful. I love them all so much.

Great news our mission is getting over 200 missionaries soon. There will be five new zones created so I’m pretty excited about that. The Provo mission will never be the same again!

I hope you all have a great week sorry I can’t write more we just had a lesson in the library with a guy who is struggling a lot so were going to go help him.

Love you all, Elder Harpole

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