EFY groupies

For the first time since being in a play I received a standing ovation- all the EFY kids really love us. There were 300 in a court yard and they swarmed us. It was something straight out of a zombie flick. We survived luckily. Although it’s uncomfortable for me to have 17 year old girls to ask my name, b-day, social security number, eye color, height, and good and bad genetics because they will be 19 when we get off our missions.

I felt like a piece of candy in front of a four year old. The guys are even worse. Quote ” Duuude!!!! you’re my hero, you guys  are totally awesome!” end quote . I’m glad we get support and they’re happy but we are missionaries and we have work to do.


Yikes, the BYU campus is empty, apartments empty, social hangouts empty. We have hit a brick wall. There is no one here to teach.

However, off campus, the work is coming along. Something I’ve tried to do since I first got here is start missionary correlation in the Edgemont Stake. It’s never had one. Finally after 4 ½ months, I got the stake to agree to 1 meeting every transfer- first time ever. The Lord gave me the words to speak and I spoke them. I can honestly say the Lord opened that door. I know that the work and potential of this area will be unlocked. There will be more families and people counted in the flock of Christ because of this great blessing. He really does change men’s hearts.

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