Ducks & Legos

One of the best things about our zone leader’s apartment is we have a duck pond next to it. We get to feed the ducks and I named a couple of them Francis and Steve. I’ve decided if it gets too cold to go out we have a convenient food supply next to our house.


I feel another aspect of why the lord called me here is to learn family history. In the Utah Provo Mission we get to go to the temple 2 times a month and even more as zone leaders. So I am striving to be better at that.

J. also lets us go on his property and helps us collect wood for a single mom who can only heat her house with a wood burning stove. Another positive note, R. is being baptized. I’m so excited because he was so far away and the spirit brought him to where he is now.

Also we gave a talk in sacrament about gratitude for the gospel and I realized how thankful I am for the tender mercies of our Savior. Mostly because my testimony or things I’ve witnessed by the spirit has grown so much because of service to others. I was converted before my mission, but now I see things like ordinances and the atonement in a different light because I have seen others converted. Teaching has been great I’m learning so much from the people I teach.

 DSCN1973P1020253 (1)

For Thanksgiving we went to a couple families’ homes. M. is a guy who all the missionaries love and help to convert so we ate Guatemalan food for Thanksgiving and played Lego’s for 3 hours. His kids, Elder Holli and I made an action Lego movie with star wars Lego’s. We are cool!

Elder Harpole

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