Mission growing

Pres. McCune told us this past week in a zone leader council that the missionaries in the Utah Provo mission will increase dramatically in the next 3 to 4 transfers. A general authority told Pres. McCune that the Utah Provo mission needs to have a jump of 140 missionaries to 200 missionaries. That’s crazy!!! We have been at 140 since the founding of the Utah Provo mission in 1991 it has always had 140 missionaries. Except right before they split St. George because they knew they were splitting this mission. I’m excited.

This week in the field was great. I’m still working on temperance but have gained a great amount of patience for others and situations. Elder Salvador and I are working hard. Both my suits are getting huge holes in pants and the wrists are threading and my back is tearing at the seams but I’m making it work. It’s funny how much more work is given in leadership. I love the challenge. Sometimes it gets a little frustrating when we have to babysit missionaries. I realized I still love them even though we have to correct there mistakes and encourage them to do better. There is an Elder that president asked my comp and I to look after, we are working with him so he won’t get sent home. However he is not improving and I really don’t know what to do except pray.

We have a meeting with an apostle in our mission on the tenth of November. We don’t know who it is but I’m super excited. Oh, are you driving Andy up because I have some things I want you to pick up for him if you are. The mission home is really close to the MTC and my Pres. says he would love to keep it at his house and give it to you. The new mission rule is no family or friends anymore. Some missionaries were abusing the privilege so both Pres McCune and Pres Pitts agreed it is for the best. So if you are coming up could you let me in on the details so I can work it out with him?

We have 2 baptisms coming up and 2 more on date. JJ and B. are getting baptized this week. G. is a boy from Korea who we have been teaching for some time now. I love that kid so much. It’s funny the other day, his parents had us talk to him because he stole $20. So we taught him repentance and talked with him on what was going on and he learned his lesson. He will get baptized on the 3rd.

We have been teaching a couple named A. and D. T. They quit smoking and are getting strong in the gospel. Yesterday we took them on a tour around the Timpanogos temple. We wanted them to really think about how great it will be when they are sealed (married) in the temple. Her brother was with us and he wanted to see the temple too. His name is H. and he is 15.We thought he was a member of the church the entire time until out of nowhere he said “I want to be baptized.” We jumped on it and he is set for baptism on the 10 of November. We are so blessed as disciples of Jesus Christ. To feed the Lords sheep at all times in all things and all places is something I hopefully will cherish the rest of my life.

I hope all well those are the highlights of my week. I love you all and miss you.

Elder Harpole

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