Transfer- Salem

Salem is a nice area. It has potential to be one of the best areas in the mission I think. So Elder Holli and I are going to make it grow. I realize how much I love teaching the gospel. I really can’t see myself doing anything else. The message we share as disciples of Jesus Christ is more precious than anything I’ve ever owned in my life. I started to think about what a testimony is. I feel that a testimony is truly a gift from god.

The experiences we go through to gain a testimony are even more of a precious gift. I started to pray about how I can gain a stronger witness in the gospel and I took my time to think about it. I came to the realization that the lord literally gives us a testimony through a test. That’s why it’s called a testimony.

I think about experiences like hardship, leadership, and work in or out of the gospel. The common thread each of these things has is the need to go to our Heavenly Father to gain a witness or direction. Which makes revelation the key stone to testimony.

Another interesting thought is the basic way we receive revelation is the same and is always effective. CPR on the soul (church, pray and read) is the most effective way to grow and receive direction from our loving father who already has the necessary blessing and direction we need to strengthen our foundation on Jesus Christ the focus of our testimony. I’ve gained a witness of how great the Lord is to us and a testimony of the gift of testimony. My goal this week is to appreciate trials, work, and leadership the Lord has given me to allow me to grow as a disciple and strengthen my personal testimony.


We are teaching many great families in the area. In my zone we have about 30 missionaries. I love them all. I’m looking forward to serving them and doing my best to build this mission.  My area is pretty big we cover 30 wards and 3 stakes over Payson and Salem. I love this work so much. I have never heard the lord’s voice beckon to me so much then as a missionary in his church. I know I am among men most richly blessed. I hope you all have a good week.


Elder Harpole

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