Thinking toward Christmas

An investigator of mine named C. has set a date for baptism. I am very happy about that because I know she needs the atonement in her life.

The only negative about my mission is it’s taken from you too fast. I love the time I get to serve the Lord. Although it’s challenging at times, there is nothing more fulfilling.

I have gained a sound understanding that the Lord gives each of us a carefully selected bag of problems that only we can understand and gain blessings from, however it breaks my heart when I see good people suffer.

I have felt a very special spirit during the holidays in which we remember our Savior’s birth. I have noticed everyone has a special light about them at this time.

While teaching about the atonement and tying it in with the birth of Jesus Christ has made me reflect on the annual church topic keeping Christ in Christmas. My heart was touched as I reflected on how significant his birth really was.

How many souls that lived before Him and how many souls in the spirit world anticipated his birth? His birth and atonement are connected so significantly in symbolism.

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