General Conference October

Things are great. I loved conference and the Lord gave those messages straight to me I think.  I learned a lot from the spirit. I cleared my mind and wrote down personal revelation. It was a great opportunity to have a personal conversation with Heavenly Father and for Him to give me the advice I need to become the priesthood leader I need to be in my life. After a couple short chastening about remembering it is His work I’m doing I felt uplifted and ready to continue building our area in the Lord’s vineyard with confidence and peace that my Saviors hand is in it.

Being at conference in person was so awesome. When they announced the age change I was close enough to the prophet to see the style of tie he was wearing. This is going to be amazing with the 18 and 19 year old new missionaries. It’s cool being in Provo because many of the young men are out with us learning how to be missionaries and to see them grow touches my heart so much. Now they are putting in their papers too. I know they will be the Lord’s finest.

I’m so thankful for you all. I think more than anything on my mission- eternal families being created is the greatest reward a missionary can have.  I have been reflecting on the impact each of you made in my life.  I am filled up knowing I have a family who cares and is there when I need them.

This week no crazy changes our investigator pool is low, so we are going to start major finding. However the people we are teaching are doing really well and receiving the gospel openly.  I think about my conversion to the gospel and to me it’s not as significant as other people I get to help come into the gospel.

I love the people here in Provo. It’s a challenge because every person somehow knows or has been associated with the gospel and they are desensitized to the information and sometimes hard-hearted. However I love them. Even the ones who spit in our face or scream or threaten to shoot us.  I get a little frustrated at first but then I remember how much they need it and I love them. More than anything I feel sad and I pray for them and always try to follow up. I think the magnitude of this gospel can’t be understood to the fullest. If people could just see for one moment the importance of it all members would be encouraging and motivating others to come to Christ, nonmembers wouldn’t be so apathetic toward the gospel and I know we would all have a deeper love for the simplest things this life has to offer.

I’m not exempt from this. I would love to grasp the fullness of the message I teach. How great would that change be? I’m on my way at least and I know as I’m am faithful to my God, He will lead me to those who want to start to understand like I did when I learned about the atonement and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well those are my crazy ramblings for the week I miss you all very much and pray for you continually.

2012 mission J lightsaber

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