Pink wigs and pictures

It was a good week. We hit every one of our goals and exceeded some. I think the Lord is really blessing us. We met a kid named A. and he is now on date to be baptized on Aug 8.  Also S. is on date for the 28. We have five people about to be baptized as well as finding creative ways to stay busy. I met the new Mission President he is awesome. The entire mission is becoming new.

Today we are going hiking in dry fork. Next week this family is taking us to this dinosaur museum. It will be amazing. I want a cowboy hat and a light saber to take pics with the models outside the museum.

People out in vernal don’t like the church. So when we teach it’s a whole different strategy. Luckily the spirit knows what needs to happen or we would be in trouble.

I’m glad to hear the move went smooth I’m pretty excited about moving to Arizona after the mission. The mission is going by so quick it’s crazy. I’m almost to my six month point. I already know what tie I’m going to burn. It’s a crappy one I found at DI for $2.


 Elder Jamison  is good. We’re taking pics on some sheep statues soon so that will be cool. We have a pink wig that were gonna to wear for the pic it will be funny. The beginning of the week was a bit rough we went to the funeral of a 19 year old boy who killed himself. We have been giving support to the family they need it. It’s weird to me how people feel we make a difference just by showing up to things.

 A guy in a restaurant thought we were FBI. He approached us and asked if we were a part of the government. It was funny, I would’ve gone with it but because I’m a missionary we chose not to. Other than that vernal is a quiet pleasant town.

I love you all hope to hear from you soon.

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