Bears & Baptisms

I can’t believe how fast and wonderful my mission has been so far. I love it so much and it has helped me grow in ways I never thought possible. I’ve seen miracles from God blessing me, my companions, as well as our investigators. If there’s one big thing I’m taking from the mission is I have faith in a God of miracles.

 bear  hug

The Lord humbled me this week with a guy were teaching named R. He recently got over a drug overdose and has been clean for 5 months; he wants the gospel in his life. Something I realized is that I had a very hard heart toward people with addictions. When I realized this I felt terrible. I know I need more love in my heart and consideration for their individual experiences. I’ve reconciled with the lord this weakness and have made it my goal to love more sincerely to all people.

Teaching this week was wonderful we now have ten people on date for baptism. We are teaching a total of 17 people so our week is long and I’m feeling it. However I’ve never been happier to be tired in my life. A. M. is being baptized this weekend. K. B. the 9 year old girl with a learning disability received a miracle this week. She passed her baptism interview without a single flaw. She remembered everything we taught her. Her attitude has changed as well, she is treating others better and her mom says this is the most she has seen her smile in many years.

With K., her mom said I’m the first person she has opened up to besides her family. She thanked me for helping her. However it wasn’t me. It has been the tender mercies of the spirit and the guidance of a loving Father in Heaven that has changed this girl’s heart.  I feel so blessed to serve a Master who has such love for his children.

I love you all and miss you hope your week is blessed

-Elder Harpole

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