Sad and Glad news

This week has been very hard. A returned Missionary in the mission named Elder Fafai died this past week. So the mission is sad about that. I just talked to him maybe a week before transfers. On another sad note a ten year old girl we were teaching named Natali died Monday in a horse accident. That hit Elder Jamison and I really hard. Her father Eddie has such sad eyes now. We have been visiting their family all week and helping in every way we can. We found out and rushed to the hospital but it was too late she had already passed away. Her funeral is tomorrow. Her family is not members and we loved them. Eddie last night said he is so thankful we treated them like people and said it would mean a lot if we attended her funeral. It will be a Baptist funeral, however at times like this I really don’t care about individual religions. She was such a sweet little girl its breaks my heart.

M. is getting baptized this week, she is so sweet she made Elder Jamison and I little crowns and said we were her best friends. What’s funny is she made Jamison the king and me a prince because I’m short.

DSC04748 DSC04747 DSC04745

Andy M. went hiking with us and asked if me or Jamison will baptized him. He is such a good kid and during the lesson his mom started listening and asked for a Book of Mormon to read. Our other investigators are doing well.

The 4th of July made it hard to meet with people this week. We went to a parade on the 4th. It was pretty crazy. Pres. Mccune asked me if Jamison and I could spend time with his son because the move was hard on him. He is awesome. He is ready to get work done and he said he is happy we are in Vernal because he knows he can trust us. I know the work in Vernal is going to explode. At correlation (missionary meeting with area leaders) for the stake we cover it is thriving. The ward mission leaders are on fire. We are ready to work and the priesthood keys in the stake are coming together and people are doing their jobs. The Lord is blessing us and we see his hand in everything. A family we were trying to contact who fell through every time was home after we offered a prayer asking where should we go.


The Anderson family are the “missionary parents” in vernal. Today they’re taking us to a dinosaur park. She is always cooking Mexican food with everything fresh from her garden and because she is from Mexico.  She knows what she is doing! Tonight were helping her make fajitas and tacos en carnitas. I’m going to be in heaven. We are helping a lot of people in our area and I can feel my love for everyone increasing. This mission is such a huge blessing.


I’m glad to know we have a home now and yes I’m excited about the kitchen. I really miss you all and if you could please include the M. family in your prayers I think that would be wonderful and help a lot.

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