My comp Elder Jamison is awesome we think alike we don’t even have to say anything to know what we need to do. He is really great and told me his last transfer he wanted to go home. I really felt for the guy but in the 4 days we have worked together we went from having no one on date to 4 people wanting to be baptized. On top of that there are 14 referrals we need to contact and 12 investigators that are waiting for us to teach them.


After 4 days of organizing and cleaning our apartment is finally livable again.

Yesterday we blessed sacrament for this elderly woman who’s been bed ridden for a long while. She was so joyous to see us she teared up. I was really humbled by that.

Also we contacted a girl named D. and within a half hour she is on date to be baptized in 3 weeks. She works a lot but the Lord will provide a way for us to teach her.

I’m learning to listen to the spirit better. The work is so wonderful I really can’t believe in less than 6 weeks is my six month tie burning. My new companion is from Missouri and has a wonderful family. I’m learning a lot from him. I was worried he wouldn’t like working but he has kept up. We’re up from 6 AM to 10:30 doing something every day so far.


Love you all and miss you.

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