Joseph Smith

This week was insane but awesome. For the first time since I came into this area I am not sick. The zone is changing and there are a few missionaries training in our zone and many changes in the mission.  Also this week our investigators are doing awesome. Elder Holli and I didn’t have a single baptism this transfer and I am actually happy about that. It made me stop and rethink how I am doing missionary work. I think because this is a successful mission missionaries count on baptisms each transfer.

I am now training a new Zone Leader named Elder Langston. I served out with him in Vernal so I am happy he is my new comp. I am finally un-sick for the first time in a long while. I am so excited because now back to hitting the ground running. This week a hard investigator opened up. She is a 20 year old girl who is unsure about the changes she has to make for the gospel. We now know how to more help her in her life to become ready for baptism one day.

The S. family opened up about their son who is in jail and we were able to teach them about Alma 32 to get them back to church and how to trust there son will be OK. I am seeing many of my converts making eternal covenants and I am so thankful to the Lord for showing me these tender mercies. The lord is taking care of this little section of his vineyard. I know I need to trust him more and the merits of his great mercy.

So I have been studying The Doctrine & Covenants like crazy. I have gained an even stronger testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith. I have given over 35 talks since my mission started. This talk last Sunday I felt such a strong testimony of Joseph Smith burn in my heart as I testified. I am realizing how great this church and gospel is and how it teaches us in each of our individual lives.

I think my mission is to craft me as a disciple, the organization of the church is training for the eternities. The Gospel when utilized as a tool; is to build our lives on the foundation of Christ. We should be continually progressing and evaluating through Christ-like charity ourselves.

However even though we grow the Atonement of Christ will never be understood in its fullest in this life. How awesome is that?? I compared it to thinking about a million individual marbles.  A human mind can’t comprehend that many objects in their mind. My trust and faith in the Christ has grown because of this new and exciting aspect in my life. I can in confidence trust in the Savior through my weaknesses and that’s a cool thing

I love you all. I wish you the best this week. Oh read D & C 93 and think about temple covenants and priesthood and grace

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