The Book of Harpole

Dearest Family,

Behold I Elder Harpole, having been adopted by goodly parents do write about my experiences in the wilderness of the Sunset stake. Behold I shall write of the Lord’s great mercy he has upon the children of man. It came to pass as we celebrated the weekly tradition of P day we did take our recent converts to see the new temple being built by the power of the Lord that they might feel of his spirit. It came to pass that they did feel the spirit and rejoiced. Yea and their names were A___ and T____ and they had joined themselves to the covenant even a week prior to seeing the house of the Lord. Yeah, and the P day ended and there was gnashing of teeth for behold the converts did gather their things and moved south into the land of Peru for a month.

I'm not in Peru, but here's a llama to send Andy.

I’m not in Peru, but here’s a llama to send Andy.

It came to pass that as we testified many great things unto the people of Provo there was one who did contend with us. A woman who was filled with the spirit of the devil and was very wroth with us. Behold she spake many false doctrines concerning Christ and his Gospel and even the coming of Christ again to the children of man. Yeah, she even said false things of the atonement, and priesthood. Behold, even as ye know that the Lord does live, that same God, yea the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob did show unto me what I must do. Yeah, the spirit did guide me like unto the children of Israel crossing the red sea onto dry ground. I spoke with a trump of thunder, seeing no way to reclaim her heart accept by bearing down pure testimony against her. And it came to pass that I did speak the truth of the Lord and my mind was given perfect clarity on the things I must do and say, and I felt peace. I did teach many things and the woman left. For wickedness cannot prevail against the word of God yea and she was silenced with the spirit.

We then traveled to the place called Sunsetniah which translates to Sunset 13 ward. Where we did teach many people concerning the death and resurrection of Christ; yeah and the great plan of redemption made from the beginning. And it was well with them. It came to pass that the faith of one who fell away many years past did again accept Christ as his Savior and he did pore out his heart unto us and we did bless him. Now this man’s name was C___ J____ and because of the great belief that was in him, his family also came into the fold of God and did accept Christ. And now we see the promised blessing of the Lord when we are obedient will bring to pass the salvation of many souls.

And now we have done many great works in the name of Jesus. For behold my heart and my planner is full. Yeah, we shall go forth in the spirit to bring to pass the repentance of many sinners. For behold I know He lives and He had sent me unto this people that I may show unto them their iniquities that they may have a great repentance of heart and come back to the fold of God . Behold this is the testimony which is in me. And I seal it with the great love I have for you my beloved brethren / family.

Now behold I am Elder Harpole and I close mine epistle. That the Lord will find me spotless at that great and terrible day, Amen.

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