General Conference October

Things are great. I loved conference and the Lord gave those messages straight to me I think.  I learned a lot from the spirit. I cleared my mind and wrote down personal revelation. It was a great opportunity to have a personal conversation with Heavenly Father and for Him to give me the advice I need to become the priesthood leader I need to be in my life. After a couple short chastening about remembering it is His work I’m doing I felt uplifted and ready to continue building our area in the Lord’s vineyard with confidence and peace that my Saviors hand is in it.

Being at conference in person was so awesome. When they announced the age change I was close enough to the prophet to see the style of tie he was wearing. This is going to be amazing with the 18 and 19 year old new missionaries. It’s cool being in Provo because many of the young men are out with us learning how to be missionaries and to see them grow touches my heart so much. Now they are putting in their papers too. I know they will be the Lord’s finest.

I’m so thankful for you all. I think more than anything on my mission- eternal families being created is the greatest reward a missionary can have.  I have been reflecting on the impact each of you made in my life.  I am filled up knowing I have a family who cares and is there when I need them.

This week no crazy changes our investigator pool is low, so we are going to start major finding. However the people we are teaching are doing really well and receiving the gospel openly.  I think about my conversion to the gospel and to me it’s not as significant as other people I get to help come into the gospel.

I love the people here in Provo. It’s a challenge because every person somehow knows or has been associated with the gospel and they are desensitized to the information and sometimes hard-hearted. However I love them. Even the ones who spit in our face or scream or threaten to shoot us.  I get a little frustrated at first but then I remember how much they need it and I love them. More than anything I feel sad and I pray for them and always try to follow up. I think the magnitude of this gospel can’t be understood to the fullest. If people could just see for one moment the importance of it all members would be encouraging and motivating others to come to Christ, nonmembers wouldn’t be so apathetic toward the gospel and I know we would all have a deeper love for the simplest things this life has to offer.

I’m not exempt from this. I would love to grasp the fullness of the message I teach. How great would that change be? I’m on my way at least and I know as I’m am faithful to my God, He will lead me to those who want to start to understand like I did when I learned about the atonement and Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Well those are my crazy ramblings for the week I miss you all very much and pray for you continually.

2012 mission J lightsaber

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Bears & Baptisms

I can’t believe how fast and wonderful my mission has been so far. I love it so much and it has helped me grow in ways I never thought possible. I’ve seen miracles from God blessing me, my companions, as well as our investigators. If there’s one big thing I’m taking from the mission is I have faith in a God of miracles.

 bear  hug

The Lord humbled me this week with a guy were teaching named R. He recently got over a drug overdose and has been clean for 5 months; he wants the gospel in his life. Something I realized is that I had a very hard heart toward people with addictions. When I realized this I felt terrible. I know I need more love in my heart and consideration for their individual experiences. I’ve reconciled with the lord this weakness and have made it my goal to love more sincerely to all people.

Teaching this week was wonderful we now have ten people on date for baptism. We are teaching a total of 17 people so our week is long and I’m feeling it. However I’ve never been happier to be tired in my life. A. M. is being baptized this weekend. K. B. the 9 year old girl with a learning disability received a miracle this week. She passed her baptism interview without a single flaw. She remembered everything we taught her. Her attitude has changed as well, she is treating others better and her mom says this is the most she has seen her smile in many years.

With K., her mom said I’m the first person she has opened up to besides her family. She thanked me for helping her. However it wasn’t me. It has been the tender mercies of the spirit and the guidance of a loving Father in Heaven that has changed this girl’s heart.  I feel so blessed to serve a Master who has such love for his children.

I love you all and miss you hope your week is blessed

-Elder Harpole

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Sad and Glad news

This week has been very hard. A returned Missionary in the mission named Elder Fafai died this past week. So the mission is sad about that. I just talked to him maybe a week before transfers. On another sad note a ten year old girl we were teaching named Natali died Monday in a horse accident. That hit Elder Jamison and I really hard. Her father Eddie has such sad eyes now. We have been visiting their family all week and helping in every way we can. We found out and rushed to the hospital but it was too late she had already passed away. Her funeral is tomorrow. Her family is not members and we loved them. Eddie last night said he is so thankful we treated them like people and said it would mean a lot if we attended her funeral. It will be a Baptist funeral, however at times like this I really don’t care about individual religions. She was such a sweet little girl its breaks my heart.

M. is getting baptized this week, she is so sweet she made Elder Jamison and I little crowns and said we were her best friends. What’s funny is she made Jamison the king and me a prince because I’m short.

DSC04748 DSC04747 DSC04745

Andy M. went hiking with us and asked if me or Jamison will baptized him. He is such a good kid and during the lesson his mom started listening and asked for a Book of Mormon to read. Our other investigators are doing well.

The 4th of July made it hard to meet with people this week. We went to a parade on the 4th. It was pretty crazy. Pres. Mccune asked me if Jamison and I could spend time with his son because the move was hard on him. He is awesome. He is ready to get work done and he said he is happy we are in Vernal because he knows he can trust us. I know the work in Vernal is going to explode. At correlation (missionary meeting with area leaders) for the stake we cover it is thriving. The ward mission leaders are on fire. We are ready to work and the priesthood keys in the stake are coming together and people are doing their jobs. The Lord is blessing us and we see his hand in everything. A family we were trying to contact who fell through every time was home after we offered a prayer asking where should we go.


The Anderson family are the “missionary parents” in vernal. Today they’re taking us to a dinosaur park. She is always cooking Mexican food with everything fresh from her garden and because she is from Mexico.  She knows what she is doing! Tonight were helping her make fajitas and tacos en carnitas. I’m going to be in heaven. We are helping a lot of people in our area and I can feel my love for everyone increasing. This mission is such a huge blessing.


I’m glad to know we have a home now and yes I’m excited about the kitchen. I really miss you all and if you could please include the M. family in your prayers I think that would be wonderful and help a lot.

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Pink wigs and pictures

It was a good week. We hit every one of our goals and exceeded some. I think the Lord is really blessing us. We met a kid named A. and he is now on date to be baptized on Aug 8.  Also S. is on date for the 28. We have five people about to be baptized as well as finding creative ways to stay busy. I met the new Mission President he is awesome. The entire mission is becoming new.

Today we are going hiking in dry fork. Next week this family is taking us to this dinosaur museum. It will be amazing. I want a cowboy hat and a light saber to take pics with the models outside the museum.

People out in vernal don’t like the church. So when we teach it’s a whole different strategy. Luckily the spirit knows what needs to happen or we would be in trouble.

I’m glad to hear the move went smooth I’m pretty excited about moving to Arizona after the mission. The mission is going by so quick it’s crazy. I’m almost to my six month point. I already know what tie I’m going to burn. It’s a crappy one I found at DI for $2.


 Elder Jamison  is good. We’re taking pics on some sheep statues soon so that will be cool. We have a pink wig that were gonna to wear for the pic it will be funny. The beginning of the week was a bit rough we went to the funeral of a 19 year old boy who killed himself. We have been giving support to the family they need it. It’s weird to me how people feel we make a difference just by showing up to things.

 A guy in a restaurant thought we were FBI. He approached us and asked if we were a part of the government. It was funny, I would’ve gone with it but because I’m a missionary we chose not to. Other than that vernal is a quiet pleasant town.

I love you all hope to hear from you soon.

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My comp Elder Jamison is awesome we think alike we don’t even have to say anything to know what we need to do. He is really great and told me his last transfer he wanted to go home. I really felt for the guy but in the 4 days we have worked together we went from having no one on date to 4 people wanting to be baptized. On top of that there are 14 referrals we need to contact and 12 investigators that are waiting for us to teach them.


After 4 days of organizing and cleaning our apartment is finally livable again.

Yesterday we blessed sacrament for this elderly woman who’s been bed ridden for a long while. She was so joyous to see us she teared up. I was really humbled by that.

Also we contacted a girl named D. and within a half hour she is on date to be baptized in 3 weeks. She works a lot but the Lord will provide a way for us to teach her.

I’m learning to listen to the spirit better. The work is so wonderful I really can’t believe in less than 6 weeks is my six month tie burning. My new companion is from Missouri and has a wonderful family. I’m learning a lot from him. I was worried he wouldn’t like working but he has kept up. We’re up from 6 AM to 10:30 doing something every day so far.


Love you all and miss you.

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Trip to Dinosaur National Monument

DSC04553 548142_498181153540738_1704377839_n 529186_498180976874089_2032720472_n 528076_498180656874121_1802536606_n 431789_498180870207433_919593954_n (1)


251812_498181066874080_1545898069_n (1)

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Down sick

(Jerreth had been sick for several weeks, got an antibiotic, but didn’t get better. His illness got worse at Christmas and he stayed with the President’s family for a couple of days. After seeing a Dr. he left with some stronger antibiotics and was told to rest for a week.)

Well I’m still in bed taking medicine and finally got a release to email you all. My Christmas and New Years were good. I’ve been catching up on much needed rest and playing sudoku puzzles. The other day I passed out and had to go to the emergency room until like 2 AM which was pretty crazy.

I told everyone I just need rest. I was dehydrated and needed more rest. I have a very-beefed up flu virus that has been getting me pretty bad. I think I’m to the point I can read again and my fever broke last night so Heavenly Father is blessing me. I can’t wait to begin teaching again.

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